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How A Solar Pool Heater Works

Solar pool heaters are a fantastic way to extend a swimming season and the initial cost is similar to a gas or electric heater. The benefit of a solar heater is that it costs virtually nothing to operate and requires little if any maintenance. The basic technology has remained the same for 40 years, though the component parts have advanced significantly making them more efficient and reliable. Customers who have had solar pool heating installed typically express satisfaction about using their pools longer, without any energy costs and knowing they aren’t damaging the environment. Residential solar pool heaters and commercial solar pool heaters operate similarly except for the scale. It is not uncommon for commercial solar pool heating systems to run in conjunction with gas systems. Solar pool heaters have an extremely fast payback on the investment.

Simple Principle

The best analogy of how a solar pool heating works is by using a common garden hose as an example. Left uncoiled and in the sun for any length of time, when the water is turned on it is initially very warm. Similarly, your pool water is circulated by a pump to the solar collection panels to be heated and re-circulated back to the pool.

Our solar pool heating systems are completely automated. In other words, just set the temperature and leave it alone. Sensors monitor the water temperature and the amount of sun available to the collection panels. If the water needs to be heated then the solar valve opens and diverts water from the pool and to the collection panels where the water is heated and sent back into the pool. This process is repeated until the pool reaches its desired temperature. The more the water flows through the solar heating system the faster the pool will heat.

All solar pool heating systems include the following major components:

  • Solar collectors
  • Filter
  • Pump
  • Flow control valves

Quality Products Equal top Performance

The construction of the component parts will determine how well your solar pool heater performs and how long the system will last. In Florida, the solar collector panels are almost always made of polypropylene plastic collectors. Solar Source uses Heliocol solar pool heating exclusively. They have been in business since 1977, make the best products, and back them up with the best warranty in the business.

Most solar pool heating systems will last at least 10-20. Some systems last much longer than others and some have much higher outputs than others.

How to choose a Solar Contractor

The US Department of Energy recommends three questions when screening potential solar contractors:

1. Does your company have experience installing and maintaining solar pool heating systems?

Choose a company that has experience installing the type of system you want and servicing the applications you select.

2. How many years of experience does your company have with solar heating installation and maintenance?

The more experience the better. Request a list of past customers who can provide references.

3. Is your company licensed or certified?

Having a valid plumber's and/or solar contractor's license is required in some states. Contact your city and county for more information. Confirm licensing with Florida’s contractor licensing board. The licensing board can also tell you about any complaints against state-licensed contractors.

From the US Department of Energy/ Energy Savers

Solar Source Offers More

Solar Source has been a leading installer of solar pool heating systems in Central Florida since 1984. We employ the best trained installers in the area and are fully licensed, certified, and insured. Call us today or contact us for a free solar evaluation.

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Had a problem with the computer controlled valves for my spa heater. The technicians quickly identified the issues and replaced the failed valve. Great service and fair price. Highly recommend.

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