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Finance Your Home’s Solar Installation

Today, solar energy costs less than utility-produced energy in the greater Central Florida market. So why invest big bucks into solar panel costs when you can simply redirect money you’ve already been spending on your utility bills?

We have over two dozen solar financing options that will meet the specific needs and tax positions of each client. Unlike other solar panel loans, our financing options can offer minimal monthly payments which are lower than the savings you’ll be receiving off your utility bills.

We offer:

  • 0% due upfront. Go solar now, with no money down. With our financing options, you won’t need to pay a single cent upfront.

  • Lower energy bills. Going solar means you’ll be paying less for solar energy than you’re currently paying for electricity from your utility.

  • Lock-in rates. We lock in low and predictable solar energy rates so you know what you’ll be paying year after year.

  • Production Guarantee. Our PV systems come with a guarantee of optimal production for over 25 years after installation.

Start financing your solar system TODAY and save on your monthly utility costs. Let us guide you through this beneficial process.

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What People are Saying About Solar Source

When we decided to go solar, I investigated and sat through presentations of at least 8 companies, and even made a little spread sheet comparing pros and cons, and Solar Source came out on top. The materials they use and their warranties can't be beat, and are a very competitive price. Our sales rep, Chris Bowman, was the best -- he really knows his stuff and very patiently explained everything to us, as well as writing the contract in the way that made it most cost-effective for us. He also came out after everything was installed to make sure it was all working properly and that we understood how to read the monitoring app. Our system is already producing a great amount of kw and I'm looking forward to seeing our electric bills go down to almost nothing from here on out!

Solar Electric (PV) - Orlando, FL

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MEMBER Florida Solar Energy Industries Association

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2021 Best of Houzz Service