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Tesla Powerwall 3

Empowering You Through Outages and Storms.




Tesla powerwall 2

Tesla Powerwall 2




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Tesla Powerwall 2

Protect Against Outages

The Tesla Powerwall is a comprehensive battery system designed to store solar energy, ensuring backup security in the event of a grid failure. This system is equipped to identify power outages, supplying your home and electric vehicle with backup energy, all while autonomously recharging itself using sunlight to sustain your household appliances for multiple days.  

With Solar and Powerwall, You’re in Control

Transform your home into a sustainable powerhouse with solar panels, seamlessly integrated with a Tesla Powerwall installation. Generate your energy from the sun's abundant rays and store surplus power in the Powerwall home battery. This innovative duo empowers you to utilize solar energy at your discretion, liberating you from grid dependency and worries about rising electricity expenses or unforeseen power outages.

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Use Solar at Night

The Tesla Powerwall is a compact residential battery system that diminishes your dependence on the electrical grid by storing solar energy for utilization during periods when sunlight is scarce. With Tesla Powerwall installation, homeowners can enhance their energy independence while reducing their reliance on traditional power sources.


Real-time monitoring

The Tesla app provides real-time monitoring of your solar energy. You can customize your settings to prioritize energy self-sufficiency, safeguard against outages, or maximize savings. Contribute to grid stability during peak demand and crucial situations, such as when outages are expected, by sharing surplus energy. Manage your system from anywhere, enjoy remote control, and receive immediate alerts.


How It Works


Solar Roof

TESLA Solar Roof is the most beautiful roof on the market to power your home with clean solar energy.

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Tesla Solar Roof

What People Are Saying About Solar Source

What a wonderful company to work with. Every step from purchase to completion was a breeze. They know their business and they guide you through all of the steps. The gentlemen doing the installation explained the steps as they did the installation! And the paperwork and contact to the electric company made going solar a double joy!
Solar Electric (PV)
Hudson, FL
Chose Solar Source based on a friends recommendation. I was not disappointed. They were friendly, easy to work with, on time, clean workspace, and the system is working well. Our pool is up 15 degrees in the first two weeks even during this cold February for Florida. I definitely recommend them.
Solar Pool Heating
St. Petersburg, FL
Great price and first class installation. Even the building inspectors were impressed. All of their team, from sales to installers were very very professional and a pleasure to work with. 3 months now and zero issues. Love my solar system!!
Solar Electric (PV)
Orlando, FL
Solar Source did a good job of installing panels on our roof. The workers were nice and seemed quite knowledgeable. The job was completed in February of 2021 and we've gotten our first monthly Duke Energy bill since then--$13.82. Can't wait to see if this low cost holds up throughout the year.
Solar Electric (PV)
St. Petersburg, FL


Say goodbye to high energy bills with our solar panel solutions.

Solar Electric

Protect yourself from rising energy rates.

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Solar Energy Small

Pool Heating

Save hundreds each year by switching to solar pool heating.

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Pool Heating Small

Battery Backup

Reliable energy when you need it most.

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Water Heating

Save up to 90% on your home's water heating costs with a solar hot water system.

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Our in-house Professional Engineering and Design team provides value-based engineering & custom designs. 


Trained and Certified Professionals provide exceptional craftsmanship while focused on workplace safety.

Operations & Maintenance

39 years and counting makes us the ideal team to Operate & Maintain your system for its entire lifetime.