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5 Exterior Home Remodeling Projects with Long-term Benefits

Summer is a great time to do some exterior home remodeling. There are many alterations and additions to choose from which add to the value of your home. The following are five affordable and financially smart remodeling projects that you and your family will enjoy for years to come.

1. Decks

Building a deck is an effective way to expand your living space while improving your property value. One of the most common exterior home remodeling projects, decks may be built on any level of your home. You can also add retractable awnings to provide shade and shelter. Decks use treated wood which lasts for years and create an attractive and affordable alternative to traditional porches and balconies.

2. Patios

While more restrictive than a deck, patios are another way to improve the value of your home and increase living space. Traditionally made from brick, stone, or concrete, they are easy to maintain and tend to last for many years with minimal maintenance. While they must be built at ground level, they do not have to be attached to your home and are thus a great addition to gardens and other spaces throughout your property.

3. Patio Covers and Pergolasexterior-home-remodelinglong-term-benefits

Sometimes, an existing outdoor space is too sunny. Walkways, patios, and other spaces may benefit greatly from the addition of a pergola or patio cover. While the terms are often used interchangeably, patio covers are a specific type of roof which is typically attached to another structure and cover a deck or patio. They are designed to permit the addition of lighting, ceiling fans, and help reduce cooling bills by providing shade to nearby windows.

Meanwhile, pergolas are freestanding structures which provide shade to spaces such as walkways and free-standing patios. They tend to be rectangular or square, and rarely have an open roof. Lattice and slanted roofs are among the options available. Pergolas and patio covers are simple, yet effective additions, making them great ways to add value and beauty to your home.

4. Solar Pool Heaters

Many people don’t think about how in-ground pools can also benefit from the sun's rays using a solar pool heating system. The smartest way to increase the enjoyment of your pool for your family and friends as well saving lots of money is installing a solar pool heater from Superior Solar. This no maintenance long life home enhancement is no a brainer in climates like ours. Once the short payback period is over you basically have a free upgrade to your home. As a matter of fact, you are using free solar energy at that point too.  

The process is simple: water is filtered from the pool to remove any debris which could clog the system, then circulated through pipes to the solar collectors where it is heated before being piped back into the pool. Unlike traditional pool heaters, a solar powered pool heating system produces no pollution and costs very little to maintain. The temperature is regulated using a thermostat, making it just as easy to maintain an ideal temperature as with more traditional systems.



5. PV Systems

Photovoltaic (PV) systems are now affordable and cost less than utility-fed electricity. Adding a solar PV system to your home will pay for itself and continue saving you money for years to come. These systems are a smart exterior home remodeling project and can be added to your homes roof area seamlessly and securely. Installation includes a 25 year warranty and your system will not suffer from the same cost increases as more traditional forms of electricity. Here are some other benefits to adding solar PV systems:

  • PV systems increase property value

  • PV electrical systems qualify your home for a 30 percent Renewable Energy Federal Tax Credit

  • Installing PV system may contribute to your home's eligibility for Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) certification.

  • They do not produce pollution, helping to reduce your family's carbon footprint

Whichever project you choose, make sure to research well established companies or contractors in the area who will make sure the job is done right! Roofers consistently recommend Superior Solar over the competition when it comes to solar installations in the Central Florida area. So, if you are considering a solar project, contact us today!