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Spay N Save Animal Clinic Is Going Solar with Solar Source!

Posted by Solar Source on Nov 15, 2021

Longwood, FL (November 4, 2021) — Spay N Save Animal Clinic has been granted a solar power system, generously donated by Solar Source, at a value of $73,000.00, saving Spay N Save an estimated $100,000+ over the 25 years of power production.

Richard Smith, President of Solar Source says, “Solar Source believes in giving back to the communities that support us. We are a pet loving business and knew that this donation would allow Spay N Save to invest more in their clinic operations by taking away a major operating expense. Pet overpopulation is a huge problem in our communities so anything we can do to help reduce that burden on local shelters and rescues, we want to help!”

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Tips to Maximize Your Solar Energy System

Posted by Solar Source on Feb 7, 2020

From the ability to save big money on your monthly energy bills to a chance to do your part to help Mother Nature, choosing solar energy has many benefits. Whether you're considering solar energy, have recently had solar panels installed on your roof, or have been enjoying the many benefits of solar energy for years, you can maximize the efficiency of your solar system in a variety of ways.

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Maintaining Your New Solar Panels: What You Need to Know

Posted by Solar Source on Feb 3, 2020

Switching to solar panels can be a process, but maintaining solar panels is fairly simple. In this way, solar panels are a lot like roofing shingles. With just a little care and some regular inspections, your solar panels should last for many decades. Here's what you need to know about maintaining your solar panels in Florida.

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Selling Your House With Solar: What You Need to Know

Posted by Solar Source on Jan 31, 2020

Solar panels make a difference when the time comes to sell a house. Many home buyers like to see solar panels on homes because they're interested in saving money on their utilities and they're also concerned about the environment. Know the value of your solar panels and what you can do to make your solar panels more marketable to help you sell your home. 

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Going Solar? How It Works and How Much It Costs

Posted by Solar Source on Jan 27, 2020

If you're looking for ways to cut your home's energy costs, solar power is a clean, abundant, and renewable energy resource to consider.

While solar energy from the sun is free, installing a solar energy system can be a costly investment. But with the growing financing options, tax benefits, and reduced cost to install residential solar systems, more people are looking to the sun to power their home's energy needs.

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Is Your Business Going Solar? Important Considerations for Facility Managers

Posted by Solar Source on Jan 24, 2020

Switching to solar power is one of the smartest decisions a company's leadership can make. When you install a solar-based power generating system on your commercial or industrial property, you lower your facility's carbon footprint while you reduce your company's overall energy costs.

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People to Talk With When Considering Solar For Your Home

Posted by Solar Source on Jan 20, 2020

In principle, home solar is a simple system that converts energy from the sun's rays into electricity that you can use. In reality, these are complex systems, and you have many things to consider when purchasing one. Here are some of the people you should talk with if you purchase a home solar system.

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4 Facts About Residential Solar Water Heating Systems

Posted by Solar Source on Nov 10, 2019

Solar thermal systems heat water for household use with clean energy from the sun. If you have an unshaded area of your property that faces south, southeast, southwest, or even west, you can install a solar water heater. Here are four facts about solar-powered water-heating systems.

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5 Steps to a More Sustainable Florida Pool

Posted by Solar Source on Jan 29, 2019

Grayscale of Pool

You may love your Florida pool but you often don’t think about the energy consumption — and bills — that are a part of pool ownership. You can have a more sustainable pool and reduce your energy costs for the pool by following these five tips.

  1. Install a Solar Pool Heater

    A cool pool is a refreshing treat during a steamy Florida summer, spring, or autumn day. In winter, low temperatures reach the 50s in the Tampa Bay region, so a pool heater helps you enjoy comfortable swimming year-round. However, a gas-fueled or electric-powered pool heater is not the most sustainable way to achieve a cozy pool temperature when the temperatures drop in February.

    If you've been thinking of installing or replacing a pool heater, a solar heater is an excellent choice for performance and sustainability. Solar heaters are easy to install in both pools that have never been heated and pools that have existing heaters.

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Solar Plus Storage is Starting to Make Sense

Posted by Solar Source on Jan 29, 2018

When we talk about solar power, it’s hard for us to repress our inner geek. There is just so much interesting science behind the technology. One of the more intriguing storylines out there right now is the battle for supremacy in the solar battery marketplace. Three companies in particular are jockeying for the #1 position, but before we highlight the current leaders, let’s talk about what solar batteries do and how they can benefit consumers like you.

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