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The sonnenBatterie: What You Should Know

Posted by Solar Source on Mar 28, 2017

A new home energy storage solution has been popping up and it’s been getting a lot of attention. “Oh, you must be talking about the Powerwall, right?” Wrong! We’re talking about the sonnenBatterie

The sonnenBatterie

The sonnenBatterie is the European sonnenbatterie_interior_2.jpgmarket leader for residential energy storage. Fulfilling the highest safety and quality demands, this battery is also an inverter, intelligent energy manager and includes measurement technology and software to manage energy throughout the day.


It saves you money, protects you from outages and—get this—is one of the most affordable energy storage options for homeowners.

 Energy Autonomy


Like most home energy storage batteries, the sonnenBatterie helps you gain independence from the power grid.


But here’s what makes the sonnenBatterie different:

  • It uses and stores 100% of the energy your PV system produces.
  • When weather conditions affect sun exposer, the sonnenBatterie adjusts its parameters to store the energy your panels do make, keeping you off the power grid.
  • It’s able to control additional energy sources like gas-powered generators.
  • Sensing real-time outages, the sonnenBatterie automatically switches to battery power, keeping you safely and securely off the power grid.
  • With rate arbitrage features, the sonnenBatterie stores energy when it’s cheap, letting your home run off its stores when rates go back up.
  • A mobile application, the sonnenApp, lets you manage and control energy usage and production anytime, anywhere.
  • The battery is one of the most affordable energy storage options in the market.

Want to Learn More?

Superior Solar is an authorized dealer and installer of the sonnenBatterie. We’ll teach you how to use the battery and its mobile app to ensure that you never have to rely on the power grid. Give us a call at 407.331.9077 to get started or contact us online today.


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