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The Top 8 Heliocol Advantages for Your Solar Heated Pool

Posted by Solar Source on Mar 22, 2016

The only thing better than a swimming pool in your backyard is one that is heated. The ability to heat your swimming pool is vital for you to sustain a comfortable temperature year round. It is also important to consider the money saving options of solar heating. Harnessing the sun’s renewable energy will help you save on your electrical costs ultimately freeing up money for more important items.

The benefits of solar pool heating are self-evident. When you are ready and it is time to decide on the ideal equipment and company, consider these options.

top-8-heliocol-advantages-solar-heated-pool.jpgHeliocol Solar Panel Benefits

  1. The Heliocol solar panels are designed to be attached to roof trusses in a way that allows the panels room to expand and contract with their environment.
  2. Heliocol can be added onto the existing plumbing.
  3. The Heliocol system is also the only solar system recommended for homes with flat roofs.
  4. The roof landscape and any obstructions are not a problem for Heliocol because the panels are designed in one foot wide sections allowing for maximization of space.
  5. The no-roof-leak guarantee is only offered by Heliocol and gives you the comfort of knowing that the solar system you install stands behind their product.
  6. The Heliocol system does not require maintenance after it is installed. The connectors are permanent and not the commonly used rubber hoses that can stain the house like those used by Techno Solis.
  7. Another very important benefit of Heliocol is that their patented mounting system has been proven to withstand not just heavy winds but hurricane force winds without the use of straps. Techno-Solis require wind straps anchored to your home creating more weak spots in your homes roof.
  8. There are three colors available with Heliocol. Black, grey and terracotta are offered to match the roof on your home. Monolithic panels like Fafco, Aquatherm, and Hi-Tec are only available in black.

Having and keeping your swimming pool warm during those months where it would normally be an uncomfortable chilly temperature may seem extravagant however, with the Heliocol system your investment quickly pays for itself. It is not just the money you will be saving on your utilities but also the money saved by staying home and entertaining in the privacy of your own backyard.

When you are ready to put in a solar heating system for your swimming pool it is easy to get an online estimate from your local Heliocol dealer and find out for yourself how simple and cost effective installation of your new system will be.


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