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What are Average Swimming Pool Heater Repair Costs?

Posted by Solar Source on Jun 3, 2016

In order to keep your pool working properly you eventually may need pool heater repair. The cost for such a repair can vary based on the size of your swimming pool and type of heater, but for most individuals, the cost won't break the bank. If you find yourself facing the need for pool heater repair, don't worry. Your pool will be up and running again in no time.


Issues That Can Affect Pool Heater Repair Cost

Proper maintenance is very important with any pool heater. If neglected the cost of repair for a pool heater can skyrocket. Your heater may have become a victim of neglect if your bill has suddenly increased or if you recently noticed your pool heater has simply stopped functioning.

Expired warranties can also affect the repair cost of your pool heater. Most gas and electric pool heaters offer a warranty that's only good for 1-5 years.


The overall size of your pool heater will also dramatically dictate what your repair cost will be. The larger the heater the more challenging it may be to repair. Also the type of heater you have will affect the repair cost as well.

If you happen to have a saltwater pool, your pool heater should have a specialized heat exchanger that can process the large amount of salt in the water. Expect to pay the most for this specialized heater simply due to it being a more rare exchanger material.

Why Choose a Solar Heated Pool


A warranty on a solar pool heater lasts much longer than a traditional gas or electric one. Expect to be covered between 5-12 years, depending on the brand. Heliocol solar panels, for example, carry a 12-year parts and labor warranty.  As if that isn't worth the investment alone, good solar-powered pool panels will last 20to 30 years which make them an excellent investment since you'll be saving money on your utility bills every month in the process. Compared to traditional pools there's no reason why not to invest in a solar heated pool.

The Benefits of Using Solar

There are so many benefits to using solar to heat a pool. For one thing, you don’t need to remember to turn on the heater when you’re ready to swim.  Your pool's temperature will be consistently perfect since the pool gets heated anytime the pool pump is running. As an added perk you will also lower your utility bills. Usually pool heaters are powered by gas or electricity, but solar pool heaters are powered by the sun's energy. Call for a free quote today!



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