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Commercial and Industrial Solar Hot Water Preheating

Fast Payback and Cost Effective

Commercial and Industrial Solar Hot Water PreheatingOne of the newest and most cost effective ways to enter and receive the benefits of solar energy for commercial and industrial uses is with solar preheating. It assists with hot water production for industrial and commercial buildings. It can be installed more quickly and lower cost than other types of solar thermal energy collectors. It is by far the fastest payback of any solar system. Commercial and industrial solar preheating is an outstanding, cost efficient alternative to conventional water heating methods including gas boilers and electric water heaters. The many benefits of commercial solar preheating systems include:

  • Energy savings of up to 70%
  • Systems can produce all or part of hot water demand for most businesses
  • Functional all year round
  • Substantially reduces CO2 emissions
  • Longer equipment life
  • Improved boiler efficiencies
  • Qualifies for the Federal Tax Credit or Renewable Energy Grant and other incentives.

Using large volumes of water? Solar Preheating will save you money!

Virtually any business that uses large amounts of hot water can benefit and profit from a solar preheating system. Types of businesses that will see great rewards from using solar preheating systems include:

Hospitality industry - Including resorts, hotels, motels, restaurants and theme parks. Laundry, dishwashers, bathrooms, and pools can be made more efficient and less costly to operate with a solar preheating system.

Hospitals and medical clinics and nursing homes - The cost of producing large quantities of hot water required by these types of facilities can be substantially reduced by a Solar Source preheating system. These facilities normally generate payback back within 2 ½ years.

Car washes - With large amounts of warm water generation, solar preheating is a tremendous benefit. Depending on the volume, a direct circulation system with no heat exchanger could cut down on the investment cost.

How Commercial Preheating Systems Work

Solar preheating is a supplement to conventional water heating systems not a replacement. The systems work in conjunction with the facilities existing equipment by reducing system strain, and gas or electricity, needed to power it. The result is a dramatic reduction in energy consumption, carbon emission, and equipment wear at a very affordable price.

Solar preheating systems designed and installed by Solar Source use low temperature unglazed solar collectors made of UV stabilized polymers for use as solar panels. Water or other liquids circulate through the collectors absorbing the heat from the sun. The heated liquid is then either directly added to the conventional system or through a heat exchanger.

Our team of solar system engineers has designed some of the largest solar water heating systems in the world!

This is a very simple, quick and cost effective way to become more energy efficient. Systems qualify for the Federal Tax Credit and are exclusively sold, designed and installed in Central Florida by Solar Source.

Call us for a free commercial solar preheating evaluation today!

What People are Saying About Solar Source

We highly recommend Solar Source. They did our initial installation, which was perfect, in 2014 and we needed it to be put back up after getting a new roof last month. Since our roofers would not put it back up we called Solar Source. Not only did they put it back up, they did it quickly. Since they didn’t take it down, it showed us that Solar Source has integrity and professionalism. Beau, one of our original installers, and James not only put it back up, but they repaired the damaged parts also. They reflect the standards of the company.

Service - Palm Harbor, FL

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MEMBER Florida Solar Energy Industries Association

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