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Pre-orders are now available for the highly anticipated Tesla Powerwall 3. Secure yours today.



Tesla powerwall 3

What to Expect

Introducing Tesla Powerwall  3 - Tesla's innovative solar energy storage solution that ensures uninterrupted power supply even during grid outages. Tesla Powerwall  3 offers a home energy storage system and empowers homeowners to achieve energy independence while potentially saving on utility bills.

  • Backup Protection: Stores solar energy to keep your power on during grid outages.
  • Energy Accessibility: Aligns with Tesla's mission to make clean energy available round the clock.

  • Whole-Home Backup: Ensures uninterrupted power supply for your entire home during outages.

  • Energy Independence: Enables homeowners to produce and store their own energy, reducing reliance on the grid.

  • Cost Savings: Potential reduction in utility bills through decreased grid dependence.

  • Customizable Management: Allows for personalized system management via the Tesla app.

  • Integrated System Design: Powerwall 3 integrates solar and battery functions for seamless operation.

  • Scalability: Designed for easy expansion to meet current and future energy needs.

  • Efficient Solar Integration: Features an integrated solar inverter for direct solar connection and high efficiency.

  • Flexible Installation Options: Can be added to existing solar setups or installed independently.

Tesla Powerwall 3 Release Date & Price

The final price of a Tesla energy storage system will depend on how many Powerwalls are installed, and the final system design, with installation estimated in 2024. 

Tesla Powerwall 3 vs 2

With unchanged energy storage capacity, the Tesla Powerwall 3 boasts impressive specifications when compared to the Powerwall 2. 

Tesla Powerwall 3 vs 2
Tesla Powerwall 3 Tesla Powerwall 2


built-in inverter (6 solar inputs) Solar-to-grid efficiency 97.5%


Not included


Up to 4 units

Up to 10 units


287 lbs

251.3 lbs

Battery Capacity



43.31 in x 24 in x 7.6 in
45.3 in x 29.6 in x 5.75 in

On Grid Power

11.5kW Continuous
7kW peak / 5kW Continuous

Back Up Power

11.5 kW continuous
185 LRA motor start
Seamless backup transition
7 kW peak
106A LRA motor start
Seamless backup transition


10 year
10 year

Secure your Tesla Powerwall 3

Pre-orders are now open for the cutting-edge Tesla Powerwall 3.


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