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Elon’s at It Again: Solar Roofs are Here

It’s accurate to say that Elon Musk and Tesla like being in the spotlight. They certainly deserve it with the range of products they have to offer. Powerwall 2.0, anyone? But now they’ve gone and announced something even cooler: Solar roofs.




In a Question and Answer session, Elon noted that, not including the value of the electricity that it would produce over the next 20 years or so, the cost of a Tesla glass tile solar roof would be equal or slightly less than a conventional roof.


Elon explained to his audience that the way conventional roofs are priced largely involves the supply chain for roofing materials and shipping costs. By eliminating the need for those components and having a more efficient production, the price of his roof tiles go way down.


Of course, that's just the roof side of it. The solar panels embedded into the roof tiles have their own (hefty) price tag associated with them. 



Solar roofs are exciting news but remember to take this information with a grain of salt. Elon did not elaborate very much into how his tiles were cheaper. It could be that he’s comparing the price of his roof to a regular French slate roof and not hardy asphalt shingle roofs that usually have long warranties.


And while Tesla’s roof tiles are also much lighter than regular tiles, which largely helps with their cost, just how efficient are they at resisting wind, hail, and/or tropical storms, or even just offering good insulation?


There’s a lot that still we don’t know about Tesla’s roof tiles but we’re eager to learn more.


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