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Which is Best: Solar Panels or Solar Blanket for Pool?

Posted by Solar Source on Dec 4, 2015

Having a heated swimming pool gives you the luxury of swimming in water that's at a comfortable temperature year-round. Heating a pool is often thought to be an expensive endeavor, costing thousands of dollars in extra utility bills per year. But that's if you use something that needs a constant power supply. Solar products don't need to draw power from the electrical grid, but even then, there are of course associated costs. As a result, products like solar blankets have been gaining in popularity, but their disadvantages may outweigh their advantages when compared to solar pool panels, especially panels like those from Heliocol.

Solar Blankets: Inexpensive but Short-Lived

Solar blankets are literally plastic blankets that you put on top of your pool water. Many of these blankets have cells that make the blankets look like bubble wrap; these cells help gather solar energy and transfer it into the water. A solar blanket for pool heating can keep shady areas nice and warm — a comfortable bonus in cooler weather. A solar blanket for pool heating is also very passive, not requiring any electricity, you lay the blanket out on the water and that's it.

But the catch — solar blankets don't last very long. They do deteriorate because of constant exposure to the sun's rays and outdoor weathering. You can get a few years of use out of them, but then you'd have to buy another blanket. At that point, the cost will have gone up, and you may have to get a custom-made blanket to fit your pool if you can't find one that's the right size. Plus, you have to move the blanket in order to go swimming. That means hauling it off the water, storing it somewhere where it won't be covered in leaf and lawn debris, and then laying it back out over the water when you're done.


Solar Panels: A Lasting Investment

Solar panels are the more common form for lasting pool heating. Using solar panels is the more expensive option, but is worth it because of the low maintenance and better reliability. If your solar panels use Heliocol panels, those produce more energy and last longer than regular panels. Plus, once the panels are installed, that's all you have to do other than routine maintenance.

You don't have to drag the panels around like you would a solar blanket for pool heating, and there's no worry about getting the panels dirty because you don't have to store them when you swim. Once the panels are installed, you can use your pool without having to stop and do any preparation.

If you'd like to find out more about what individual-tube solar panels can do for you, contact Superior Solar for a free quote. Solar energy is a renewable, plentiful source of power for your home and pool. Take advantage of this natural resource to make your life more comfortable.


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