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10 Fun Pool Games for Kids

Posted by Solar Source on May 8, 2015

Hosting a pool party is a really fun way for kids to be active and also to spend some time together over the summer months when they are away from school. Just floating around and swimming some laps can get boring pretty quickly. Because of this, you might want to plan some fun pool games for kids ahead of time. This will keep everyone busy and happy for the duration of the party.

Ten fun pool games for kids include the following:

  1. Noodle Jousting

Situate a couple of kids on rafts and hand them a few foam pool noodles. Tell them they have to paddle their way across the pool and joust with their opponents. Call a winner when someone falls off their raft or whoever gets jousted first.

  1. Belly Flop Contest10-fun-pool-games-for-kids

You can be the judge or have some of the kids judge a belly flop competition. Those competing must do their very best belly flop and the one who makes the biggest splash wins.

  1. Races

This is simple but fun as it gets kid’s competitive sides going. Have children line up on one side of the pool and when you say go, they must race to the other side. The fastest swimmer wins.  You can give the little ones a head start, so they can participate as well.

  1. Search And Find

You will need to have some goggles on hand for this event. Drop some objects into the pool that are hard to find at first glance. This might be some small toys or a clear plastic water bottle filled with water works as well. Say ‘Go!’ and have the kids race to find the objects as fast as they can.

  1. Shark Tag

A fun twist on this old classic has one person acting as the shark, trying to find other kids and tag them.

  1. Octopus Tag

This game is a lot like Red Rover but takes place in the pool. Players attempt to get from one end of the pool to the other without being tagged by the octopus in the middle. If someone is tagged they join the person in the middle and the ‘octopus’ gets larger and harder to get around.

  1. Whirlpool

Have all the kids get to the edge of the pool and start walking around it (this works with circular pools only). Before long the pool will be like a whirlpool and the kids can try to swim against the current.


  1. FISH

Like the basketball game HORSE, have a net or basket poolside and kids take turns shooting at the basket. Instead of spelling HORSE, have them spell FISH.

  1. Scavenger Hunt

Throw a bunch of items all around the pool such as diving sticks, floating fish, coins, noodles and more. Have each child begin at the same time and they must all find a certain number of items before they return back to start.

  1. Marco Polo

This is a classic game but still a lot of fun. One person calls out ‘MARCO!’ while walking around the pool with their eyes closed. The other kids shout ‘POLO’ and move around trying to dodge the person looking for them with their eyes closed. The first person to get ‘tagged’ become the person to shout ‘MARCO’.

Pool games for kids are always more fun when the water in the pool is at a comfortable and warm temperature. When the water is freezing kids don’t want to stay in for very long. You can keep your pool warm affordably by investing in solar panels for pool heating. Contact Superior Solar for more information and a free estimate.

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