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7 Kids Pool Party Ideas

Posted by Solar Source on May 1, 2015

Pool parties are a great option when you are hosting your child’s friends for an event. Whether you are celebrating a birthday or marking the end of the school year, a pool party is an affordable and convenient way to host. Not only can you keep the kids outside, which keeps your house neat and clean, but you can also let them entertain themselves for the most part while they float around and play in the pool. In order to host the very best pool party that you can here are seven great kids pool party ideas:

  1. Theme

Beginning with the invitations that you send out, you can pick a theme that gets kids interested and excited about the party. Sticking with the warm weather theme you may want to focus on Hawaiian decor and create your own luau. Another idea is a backyard barbeque theme.

  1. Festive Drinks

You are hosting kids for this pool party but that does not mean that you can’t have some festive poolside beverages’ to help them stay hydrated. Make a couple of different punches and purchase some affordable festive cups. Include some paper umbrellas or fun straws. The kids will think they’re sipping on a very sophisticated beverage and this will be one of many simple yet really fun kids pool party ideas.

  1. Games7-kids-pool-party-ideas

Kids can get bored easily so you will want to have some pool related games on hand. You would be surprised how much fun even older kids will have with something like Marco Polo. You can host races where prizes are awarded, diving competitions off the diving board and you can even float objects around the pool to see who can gather them the fastest. For more pool game ideas, see our blog, 10 Fun Pool Games for Kids

  1. Activities

Hopefully the sun is shining bright on the day of the pool party but you want to have some kids pool party ideas on hand that gets them out of the sun for a bit. Even if the weather turns bad for a portion of the day, you can gather the kids inside or under a tent and let them do a number of activities. Consider having some crafts on hand where kids can paint their own creation.

  1. Food

After the kids attending your pool party have run around and swam their hearts out you will want to feed their hungry bellies. Luckily, pool parties are very easy when it comes to food options. You can grill some hot dogs and burgers and have some simple sides on hand like macaroni salad, fruit salad and baked beans. If you are sticking with a theme consider having some food related to that theme.

  1. Decorations

The pool speaks for itself but if you have a theme going, such as Hawaiian luau, you can dress up in some grass skirts, hang some paper lanterns, light some tiki torches at a safe location and hand out leis when kids arrive.

  1. Favors

It is always nice to leave a party with something in hand to remember the day by. You don’t have to come up with expensive or elaborate kids pool party ideas in the way of favors. You can have the kids take home their craft they made or simply fill some baggies with a few goodies. You can purchase small items that fit the theme you chose.


A great way to keep your pool comfortable year round so kids can enjoy the party no matter what the temperature outside has been, is to invest in solar pool heating panels. This is an affordable, effective and environmentally conscious way to improve your home. You can contact Superior Solar today for more information and a free estimate.

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