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Solar Pool Heating - Isolating The System

What would happen if your pool solar heater started leaking?

It's a rare occurrence, usually from an external blunt force, but if it does happen, you'll notice water dripping off the edge of the roof when the system is in operation.  Our team can quickly fix the problem, but to stop the leak before the scheduled appointment, you can simply turn off the system. With a manual system, you can use the same valve that you normally use to turn the system on or off. With automatic controls, you can go to your controls and switch the system to off. Alternatively, you can adjust the temperature down below the pool's temperature to keep the solar system from turning on. 

Isolate your solar pool heater.

In some situations, this does not stop the flow of water to the roof. At that time you would need to isolate the system. Our very own Jeff did a great job of filming how you can work with the actuator on your pool system to isolate the solar panels with the pool equipment. 

Watch the video here.


I would suggest that you work with your auto controllers first before moving on to adjusting the actuator. Sometimes this is the only way to stop the water flow while keeping your pool pump running until our team can come out and fix the leak.

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