Tips to Maximize Your Solar Energy System

Posted by Solar Source on Feb 7, 2020

From the ability to save big money on your monthly energy bills to a chance to do your part to help Mother Nature, choosing solar energy has many benefits. Whether you're considering solar energy, have recently had solar panels installed on your roof, or have been enjoying the many benefits of solar energy for years, you can maximize the efficiency of your solar system in a variety of ways.

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Perovskite Solar Cells: Pt. 2

Posted by Superior Solar Team on Oct 28, 2016

We’ve talked about Perovskite Solar Cells before and we need to talk about them again.


In previous designs, researchers have used several elements when creating different forms of perovskite, a photovoltaic crystalline structure that’s thinner, more flexible, easier (and cheaper!) to manufacture than silicon crystals. But a new study has recently come out in the Oct. 21 edition of Science using very inexpensive and available materials to create the perovskite solar cell.

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How is Solar Energy Made into Electricity?

Posted by Superior Solar Team on Nov 16, 2015

Solar energy is a green alternative to powering your household. It is also can be much cheaper than other methods to power a home. By installing a system, you can switch from expensive electricity from the grid, to affordable, almost inexhaustible energy. Unlike gas, solar energy does not go up and down in the market and once installed, your electric bill can expect to drop.  

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Now Hiring Technicians

Posted by Superior Solar Team on Dec 12, 2014

Are you interested in a new career in the solar field? 

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Solar PooI Heating - Isolating The System

Posted by Superior Solar Team on Oct 29, 2014

What would happen if your pool solar heater started leaking? It's a rare occurrence, usually from an external blunt force, but if it does happen, you'll notice water dripping off the edge of the roof when the system is in operation.  Our team can quickly fix the problem, but to stop the leak before the scheduled appointment, you can simply turn off the system. With a manual system, you can use the same valve that you normally use to turn the system on or off. With automatic controls, you can go to your controls and switch the system to off. Alternately, you can adjust the temperature down below the pool's temperature to keep the solar system from turning on. 

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